Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

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What is Visitor Visa (subclass 600)?

The Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is you key to visit Australia for tourism, business meetings, family visits, or other short-term purposes. This visa 600 allows you to explore the beauty of Australia and experience its vibrant culture. Whether you are planning a vacation or have important business engagements, the Visitor Visa Subclass 600 offers you the chance to make unforgettable memories in Australia.

The duration of the visit can be for up to 3, 6 or 12 months. The applicant can be in or outside Australia when the visa application is lodged. You can consult our migration agents for a smooth visa application. They will guide you and help you get your dream visa without any hassles.

To be eligible for the Visitor Visa (subclass 600), you must meet the following basic requirements:

Genuine Temporary Entrant: You must intend to visit Australia for a temporary stay and have no intention of remaining permanently.

Financial Capacity: Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Australia.

Health and Character: You must meet health and character requirements as specified by the Australian authorities.

No Outstanding Debts: You must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government.

Age Limit: There is no age limit for this Visitor Visa 600.

The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 is open for individuals who want to visit Australia temporarily. However, the eligibility criteria are subject to changes based on the purpose of your visit:

Tourist Visa: This Visa 600 is suitable for those who want to visit Australia for tourism, sightseeing, and social activities.

Business Stream Visa: This visa is relevant for individuals who intend to attend conferences, business meetings, or explore business opportunities.

Sponsored Family Stream Visa: It is for individuals who have family members in Australia who wish to sponsor their visit.

Approved Destination Status Stream: It is applicable for citizens of certain countries that have an approved destination status agreement with Australia.

Frequent Traveller Stream: This visa is suitable for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who wish to travel often to Australia for business or personal reasons.

When applying for the Visitor subclass 600 visa, make sure you have the following documents and information in-hand:

  • Valid passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Health insurance covering your period of stay in Australia
  • Purpose of visit and supporting documents like invitation letters, business documents, etc.
  • Proof to show your intention to return after the visit.

The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 offers a range of benefits, including:

Travel Freedom: You travel in and out of Australia multiple times within the visa’s validity period.

Flexible Stay Duration: Depending on the stream and purpose you select, this visa 600 allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3, 6, or 12 months per visit.

Tourism Opportunities: Explore Australia’s beautiful landscapes, and diverse culture.

Business Benefits: You get a chance to grow your business. You can attend conferences, seminars, and meetings, fostering international business relations.

Family Reunions: Connect with your family members in Australia and create lasting memories together.

Do I need health insurance for the Visitor Visa Subclass 600?
Yes, it is a mandatory requirement to have health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.


Do I need a financer for Visitor Visa Subclass 600?
Yes, you need a financer to be eligible for this Visa Subclass 600.


How long does it take to process the Visitor Visa 600 application?
Processing times may vary depending on the individual circumstances and the stream under which you are applying. For professional guidance for successful Visitor Visa (subclass 600) application, consult our expert Migration Agent Melbourne and Education Consultant Melbourne exports.


Can I work on the Visitor Visa Subclass 600?
No, this visa does not permit you to work in Australia.